Why Should I hire a Personal Trainer/ Health Coach?





Working with a Personal Trainer has its benefits. Whether it be accountability, giving insight into the amount of Frequency/Intensity of workouts to optimize weight loss/muscle gain, guidance on proper form, program design, Nutrition consulting, and adapting to overall Behavior Modifications. A CPT/HC takes all the guess work out of it by helping you develop a customized planned tailored fit to you.



What Type of Foods should I be eating?





That’s all dependent on what you enjoy! I am a firm believer of having a balanced diet that is tasteful. So whether you’re a pizza lover, cupcake consumer, or a vegetarian: I can help you develop an idea on what foods are most nutrient dense/healthy, affordable, and to your liking.



How long should it take me to see Results?





Any Healthcare professional whether it be a Doctor, Nurse, Physician, or even personal trainer will tell you that the safest and most effective amount of weight to lose in a time period is 1-2 lbs. a week (4-8 lbs. a month). Yes in certain circumstances or with people who are overweight they may initially lose more weight in the earlier stages, although as it stands that is the benchmark for “consistent” weight-loss adaptation.  It takes hard work and starts by being in a 3500-4000 caloric deficit over the course of a month. That can be done with exercise making sure that you’re burning 200-400 calories a workout in conjunction with the proper caloric reduction in a diet. Anything much more than that will disrupt your metabolism by slowing it down because your body is not getting the fuel it needs to burn calories efficiently. 



What type of supplements do I need?





That depends on your fitness goals! Supplements can be costly and many supplements can be found through natural food consumption. I suggest eating a diversified diet to enhance vitamin/mineral intake. Multi-Vitamins, Whey Protein Isolate for that 30-60 minute window after training. (Which is handy for post workout utilization, not everyone has a tuna sandwich or 6 oz. chicken breast in their back pocket! If your goals are to lift heavier, possibly prepare for a show, or performance based Id highly suggest BCAA’s to enhance recovery time. That’s it! 



How many days should I work with a Personal Trainer/ Health Coach? And which package is right for me?




It depends on your schedule, your finances, and your level of fitness. If you are just getting started and never worked out a day in your life, I’d suggest 1-2 days with a coach 50-minute sessions. In the early stages you want to ensure your foundation is strong to improve program adherence. Everybody is different and some people may have physical limitations that may hinder them or need to be addressed first. If we can’t master a squat how are we supposed to progress to a double kettlebell clean into a squat press?! (Sounds like a lot but it’s not). Everybody is at a different level of fitness and have differences in body awareness. What takes one person 2 sessions to get could take the next person 5. That’s fine because you are in competition with yourself! If you know your schedule is tight and you have a general background with fitness perhaps 2 30-minute sessions may work. Keep it short and simple. If monetary issues are a factor maybe once a week or once a week and twice every other. If you are very self-sufficient perhaps one 30 or 50-minute session in conjunction with a workout plan on your own may work. There is no cookie cutter approach.



What is your background in Fitness, Nutrition, and overall Health & Wellness?



I have trained over  250+ clients as well as taught boot camps in the Boston and Greater Boston areas including (Crunch Gym-Medford/Roslindale, YMCA- Hyde Park/Dorchester/ Quincy, Personalized Fitness, and Independently). I am AAPT Boston (American Academy of Personal Training) NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) certified. I have been educated at Quincy College in regards to Nutrition as well as exercise program implementation. Also Knowledgeable in the arena of Health Coaching via Ace Health and Wellness Coach.




I have tried everything and it hasn’t worked, is fitness for me?




Have you had a proper plan? Have you set SMART goals (Specific (Clear as in what needs to be achieved), Measurable (I’d like to lose x amount of lbs., I’d like to increase my squat by x, I would like to prepare my own nutritious meals x amount of times a week), Attainable (Knowing your strengths/limitations and how they apply to you & the program), Realistic (Gaining 30 lbs. of lean muscle or losing 30 lbs. of fat in 2 months Naturally isn’t realistic and sets you up for failure) , and Time-Bound (when do you want this to happen by).Everybody has something they are good at and something they are horrible at. Exercise may not be your cup of tea but it is something fundamental to Health in your life. Maybe you just haven’t had the right program. Be vocal of your expectations so that you can make this the best experience for you possible.

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